Friday, December 15, 2017

Life Tips

Create plans from dreams

Great ideas are great. It is surely a good feeling to dwell on future possibilities. But strive to realize your dreams: plan on how you can reach your goals, no matter how impossible they might seem. (Want to be an astronaut? Research your options: how to get hired at NASA / SpaceX, establish your own space-travel agency or set a goal to gather enough money to become a space tourist.)

Where you are now matters less than where you are headed

Think on the long term, see the trajectories of where you're going; extrapolate.

Sharing is caring

If you solve a hard problem, make sure to post it somewhere people can find it. Eg, post to forums that you came across while searching for the solution. Write a blog post. Like this one ;)

Bitching is unprofessional

What do you think of people who cannot stop complaining? Let me tell you what I think: they cannot solve the situation. They are unlucky. They do not know how to deal with the problem. Of course, if you meet a sub-par service or product, leave a review, give feedback, make a mental note you would never go back. But complaining for complaint's sake is very unprofessional.

Be an efficiency fanatic

This might be a personality trait, that is, might not suit everyone.

The only limited resource you have is time. Time ticks away, inevitably - so make the most of it. Grow a habit of being an efficiency fanatic: if you see a shorter path, choose it. If you see a way to achieve things faster, go for it! (geek example: learn keyboard shortcuts! Does Alt-TAB ring a bell? How about pressing Enter instead of clicking OK / Go / Submit buttons?)

This habit will help you everywhere, and the tiny bits and pieces will grow into hours saved. Hours you can spend with your family, hobbies, or anything you want.